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Setting Up Your Own Spa Party


There's nothing more relaxing than a quiet day at the spa, but why go to the spa when you can have one at your own home? Invite your friends over for a spa party. It makes a good alternative when you're bored with the old dinner gathering routine. And it's perfect for bachelorettes, bridal showers, birthday parties, or even just a get together with friends and a chance to catch up. Here are 13 tips on how you can throw your very own spa party:

  1. Choose which room you want to use for your party. Start by clearing it out and laying out the room. Designate areas for different things like pedicures, massages, snacks, and drinks.

  1. Lay out a chair for each of your guests. Designate areas for every guest. Place name cards so they know where to sit.
  1. Personalize it! On each chair, lay out a towel and an eye mask. Go a step further by getting monogrammed eye masks with your guest's initials on them.
  1. Washing bowl. By the foot of each chair, place a washing bowl for your guest's feet.
  1. Fill bowl with warm water and aromatic oils.


  1. DIY facemasks. Whip up some homemade facemasks using oats, fruit, honey, and yogurt.

  2. Lay out nail polish on a communal table.

  3. Set the mood. Make a playlist of calming music on your iPod. Play it when your guests start arriving.


    Wheen guests arrive, tell them to soak their feet while wearing the eye masks.

  5. Give them sliced cucumbers to put over their eyes. Paint their toenails while they're relaxing.
  6. Serve ginger or chamomile tea.  

  7. Serve light snacks like cucumber sandwiches or crudités with dip.

  8. Give your guests gift bags filled with spa essentials, like a face towel, lip balm, lotion, and a scented candle.