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Tips for Travelling with Kids



It’s going to be a whole lot of adventure to travel with kids, so buckle-up your seat belts and get ready for the ride. Hey Mom! lists several tips to make your travel a lot more enjoyable that should work to your advantage.


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It’s funny how babies and toddlers are perceived as not so great passengers: a crying child can be heard by every person inside and the smell of a diaper bomb can fill nostrils in no time. So before all eyes are on you, here are tips to manage your plane trip.


Keep the activities coming

Consider yourself lucky if your baby sleeps most of the time during the trip. But if he's awake, keep him entertained by doing some activities such as playing with rattles, soft animals, or pop up toys. Toddlers can do coloring, reading, or bringing along a handful toys for the trip.


Book an easy seat location

For convenience, sit at the backend of the plane. It's near the restroom for easy diaper changes and quick bathroom breaks for children who just can’t wait. Plus you'll get a lot of help from the flight attendants if you're the last one to go down.


Lessen painful ear pops

If your child's ears seems to hurt, let him breastfeed or suck on his bottle or sippy cup to relieve his ears of air pressure.


Check liquid guidelines

Review guidelines about bringing liquid inside the plane, hand the formula to the security for inspection, and if you are breastfeeding, make sure you are well hydrated before boarding.


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Eat neat

It’s better to bring a plastic bib with pockets at the bottom to catch food. It’s easier to wipe off food and is conveniently rolled away.


Bring just enough

Pack enough solid food for the trip as you can always buy what you need in your destination. If the type of food is not available in your destination, pack the rest of the food on your check-in luggage.

Bring diapers to last until you reach your destination and purchase the rest there. Do not forget plastic bags for soiled diapers, wipes, and a changing pad.


Pack extra clothes

You never know when the next spit-up, diaper leak, or other mess makes your outfit unwearable, so keep a change of clothes for yourself in your hand carry bag.


Get a safety seat

Although children two years and below are free to ride and can sit on your lap, having their own place is safer and comfortable. If you did purchase a seat for your child, it's best to bring an aircraft approved seat for him.


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Road trip is a great way for family bonding, but mishaps can occur and it’s best to be ready. Here are steps to a hassle free car ride.


Prioritize safety

Acquire a car seat and make sure that you read the instructions and install the car seat correctly. Check on the seatbelt and adjust to fit your baby snugly and securely.


Use sun screen

Purchase removable sticker sun screen for car windows. It’s more secure than those with suction cups.


Pack a convenience bag

Have a bag with all your kid’s needs inside the car for convenience instead storing them at the back compartment.


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Plot rest stops

Plan frequent stops so your toddler can stretch his limbs and move around to use some of his saved up energy. Pick out kid places such as parks or picnic areas.


Do a test drive

Take short trips as trial for your upcoming long trip so you and your kid can get the hang of it. Experience will teach you about what you really need to bring, your child tolerance to the car seat, and what keeps her happy.


Choose the right outfit

Dress up your toddler in bright colored clothing so he is easy to spot just incase you get separated during stopovers. Place identification and contact information inside your child's pocket.