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Getting Your Pretty Back Post Pregnancy



Once you give birth you may think that everything will go back to normal, or to its pre-pregnancy state right away. In reality this can take quite a bit of time as you have gone through quite a transformation in the last 10 months. Everything has ben put through the ringer, your body, skin, even your hair.  It takes a while for the hormones to settle back to their levels before you had your precious bun in your oven.



The hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy affect your skin quite dramatically. They can lead to dry, red, and flaky skin and chapped lips due to the hormones decreasing your skin’s moisture. Hyper pigmentation (melasma) can also remain post pregnancy. Another fun side effect of pregnancy can be stretch marks.


For these issues, the number one solution is to moisturize in overdrive. Do it several times a day to replenish your skin’s moisture. Coconut oil is a wonderful moisturizer that has no nasties in it. For stretch marks, hopefully you would have been trying to treat them during your pregnancy. You can continue to do so with bio oil or olive oil.



A hallmark of any new mom is dark circles under her eyes. Late night feedings, which result in interrupted sleep, are the culprits obviously. Unfortunately the only true solution is more sleep that is a luxury most new moms do not have. You can reduce the puffiness by placing cold cucumber slices or cold (used) tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes.

I know it is clichéd but if you can sleep when your baby sleeps to try to catch up on some that you have missed. The lack of sleep affects everything from your skin to your mind. Sometimes catching a few zzzs is all it takes to freshen you up physically, mentally, and emotionally.



It doesn’t matter whether you had a natural birth or a C-section, my advice is to make a move. Don’t be sedentary. Movement helps your body to heal faster because it gets your blood flowing. I walked every day after I gave birth. Starting with small five minute walks, gradually increasing the amount of time each day.

This will also help your endurance and motivation when the doctor gives you the all clear to add some light exercise to your routine.

Don’t expect everything to bounce back right away. It will take time and a little bit of effort on your part but it is possible. Good luck!


Photo from Amanda Griffin's Instagram account