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Disciplining Your Child



I am an old fashioned parent, a child of old-fashioned parents but the difference is I adapted to the times. Old fashion parenting style never goes out of fashion. I believe parents should set their own rules and forms of discipline based on how they were brought up and from their own research. Discipline is the process of teaching your child acceptable behavior and what is not acceptable. Discipline teaches our child to follow rules. Nobody wants to be accused of raising a spoiled brat, right? Here are some tips to consider when it comes to the discipline of your child.


  1. Be clear about rules. This is true for TV, movies, internet, games, books. Unfortunately, not all of what children learn from TV is beneficial. TV programs often present a very selective view of life, with glamor in stark contrast to the real people children come into contact with. If  rules are unclear, your child will have a hard time following them. Establishing rules need to be start when they are very young so they get into the habit of following these rules. Consistency is really important to our children. With our girls, we set rules on study times, party curfew times, the age when they can go dating , telephone limits, study time and household responsibilities.


  1. Reward good behavior. During my childhood days, my mother planted a guava tree for the purpose of using the guava branch for whipping us when we were naughty.  I don’t recall any praises for a job well done . Wouldn’t it also be best to reward good behavior ? Positive reinforcement reaps more than negative reinforcement. Rewarding good behavior does not have to be a gift . One can say ‘good job. I’m happy you fixed your bed ’ when your child cleans his room.


  1. Have a time out.  Easier said than done, but I tried to be as calm as possible when it came to discipline.  When  the children hit adolescence, I allowed them to express their feelings respectfully if our rule seemed harsh. Compromise came when it came to fashion requests. My husband then did not allow sleeveless shirts but we were able to bend that rule. It is also best to veer away from no-win arguments.  Often they will vent out, "This isn’t fair” and I would often say “I know or And what did I say?" to enforce rules that have already discussed.


  1. Be a role model . If you want your child to be courteous, then let your child see your best manners, at home and in public. “The number one way human beings learn is through imitation and copy”, says Jim Fay, co-author of Parenting with Love and Logic.


My discipline technique involved making my children happy, respectful, respected by others, and able to find their place in the world once they are adults. In the end, the discipline techniques you choose will depend on your child's age, your child's temperament, and your parenting style.