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Beauty Tips for Moms on the Go


For many busy moms, it can be too easy to let the beauty routines slip after the kids arrive. Between changing diapers, going to work, and keeping your sanity intact, who has time for make-up and moisturizing? Fortunately, we’ve got six tips for self maintenance that don’t require sixty minutes.


 1. Keep it clean - Keep your skin clean with a quick, no-nonsense routine every morning and night. For new moms, it helps to keep everything you need within reach, like cleansing wipes, toner, and moisturizer. Pack a small kit of beauty essentials in your work bag so you’re always ready.



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2. Go natural! - Who needs new products when you’ve got most of what you need already sitting in your fridge or cupboards? For a quick (not to mention cheap) facial, whip two egg whites in a bowl until they’re thick and foamy, and apply to your face. Let it dry for a fifteen to twenty minutes, then wash it off. Your skin will look brighter and feel tighter.




3. Pick me (make)up! - For a refreshed look, without the need for a spa day, apply shimmering white eye shadow on the brow bone, in the corner and just below the eyebrow.


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4. Sunscreen is your friend - As much as you might want to bake underneath the sun to achieve that healthy, bronzy tan, melanoma is a real threat and is related to prolonged sun exposure. Protect yourself and keep your skin looking young and supple by having a daily sunscreen routine - even on overcast days.


5. Never underestimate the power of the brow - A strong brow can round out a look for a more complete and polished finish. Using an angled brush in a soft and neutral shade, fill in your brows, keeping in mind its natural shape, then finish off with some tinted moisturizer for a fresh-faced day look.




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6. Quick and smokey - Transition from day to night with ease with this quick, four-minute smokey eye look. It’s a lifesaver when you’re pressed for time.

Start by prepping your face by cleansing it and applying moisturizer. Apply concealer and face powder. Sweep one color of shadow across the creases of your lids and lower lashlines. Line your top lids with black eyeliner. Gently blend the liner into the eyeshadow with a smudger. Repeat last two steps on the outer corners of your lower lashlines. Blend towards the inner corners of your eyes. Finish off with multiple coats of mascara and you’re good to go.