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Strengthening Bonds After Baby


A romantic relationship with your partner has led to a bundle of joy that takes all of your time and focus. Intimacy, money, and couple time sometimes takes a small toll on your marriage. Here are several ways to strengthen your bond with your family after having a baby.


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Your Partner is not Your Enemy

You are now both parents, but why does it feel like you're the only one who cares about the baby? His style of baby handling raises your eyebrow and he suddenly seems annoying and might cause you to snap at him more often.


Talk to your hubby and schedule on who does what and take turns in doing certain chores. If you're the one who prepared the baby food, then let him do his share by picking up the toys. If he was up all night on daddy duties then let him rest and take the morning shift.


Keep The Fire Burning


The sexy stud and the hot vixen now favors snoozing than making love. Too tired and overwhelmed, you both prefer taking naps rather than spending time with each other. Never let a day pass without having some sweet time. Spend time during coffee breaks, whisper sweet nothings or simply cuddle after you put the baby to sleep.


Set a date for a romantic night.
Let the grandparents look after the baby. Take a shower, dress up, do a little flirting, and spend a great night with your partner.



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Couple Time is Now Family Time


Nothing excites you more than your baby and, unfortunately at this stage in your life, his stories about his day at work doesn't quite interest you anymore. You are super in love with the baby that suddenly your partner doesn't feel he exists. He's not a robot and may be feeling a little resentment that you are more happy with the baby rather than with him.


It's family time now, so make him a part of it. have fun goofing around and take turns making funny faces to make your baby laugh, take a romantic stroll with the baby in the park, set up family picnics or plan a weekend getaway for more family bonding and activities.


Work Around Financial Difficulties


No matter how much money you saved, first time parents freak out with the thought of not having enough money to raise a family. Expenses might surprise you from the cost of childbirth, diapers, baby clothes, gears, and formulas. Be creative in saving money by borrowing used gears, or ask friends if they have baby clothes that their children have outgrown.


Learn how to budget and follow it. If it means reducing your weekly dinners out, so be it. The important thing is for the family to be happy and to meet the needs of each family member.



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Put humor on your new roles as parents and crack a joke about it. A little laughter goes a long way and will bring you much closer to each other.


You Are a Team


Facing everything alone is hard. Remember, you have your partner and you are in this together. Communication is the key to a healthy marriage. Support, appreciate, listen, and respect each other's decisions and act as a team in every obstacle and joy parenthood brings you.