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Be Summer Ready: Diet Deliveries and Gyms to Try


Between raising kids, having a career, and keeping your home in check, maintaining an exercise routine and eating healthily often moves from top priority to the back-burner pretty quickly after you become a mom. So while it might be tempting to let your fitness routine slip to catch up on a couple more hours of sleep in the morning, or to order pizza instead of cooking yourself a nutritious lunch, fight it. If you won't do it for yourself, do it for your kids -- they need a mom who's strong and healthy, and who'll be there for them every step of the way as they grow up.


Luckily, getting (or staying) in shape these days has gotten a lot easier thanks to convenient delivery services that cater to the person -- mommy -- on the go. And what's more, in the past few years, new fitness centers have been popping up all over the metro. From hot yoga to pole-dancing, whatever fitness routine you fancy, it's probably already made its way to Manila. Make this year, your year of #noexcuses.


Diet Delivery Services


Diet Diva
Price: P1800/week + P50/day delivery charge
Delivery hours: 5 to 8 am
Contact: +63(2)4343482



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The idea is simple: through portion control and calorie counting, Diet Diva can help you shed the pounds. While 1,200 calories a day may not sound like much, you'll be surprised at how filling their meals can be. Worth noting: the average Diet Diva client loses two to six pounds just five days into the program.


Sample meal plan: Breakfast: English muffin, breakfast sausage, and black tea; Lunch: Beef caldereta and red mountain rice; Dinner: Arroz ala Cubana with organic brown rice; Snack: Dark chocolate cookie


Plan: Eat
Price: P1200/week + P20 delivery charge
Delivery hours: 4 to 9:30 am
Contact: +63(917)3055510



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A week's worth of carefully planned meals designed by a registered nutritionist-dietician who considers all factors when it comes to weight loss. For the folks at Plan: Eat, moderation and balance are key.


Sample meal plan: Breakfast: Pineapple and carrot muffins; Morning snack: Fruit; Lunch: Spaghetti with smoked tinapa and sundried tomato pesto; Evening snack: Siomai; Dinner: Filipino-style pork bbq with veggies, achara, and java rice


Healthy Foodie Manila
Price: P1850/week + P50-80/day delivery charge
Delivery hours: 5 to 9 pm
Contact: +63(2)3512110



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Healthy, nutrient-dense meals are a priority at Healthy Foodie Manila; the weight loss is just an added bonus. Choose between six different programs: calorie counted programs (from 1200 calories to 2000 calories), low carb high protein, vegetarian diet, pescetarian diet, Paleo diet, and customized diets.


Sample meal plan: For low carb high protein: Breakfast: Tuna egg muffin; Lunch: Braised balsamic chicken; Snack: Peanut bread pudding; Dinner: Maple-baked dory


Fitness Centers & Gyms to Check Out


Plana Forma
Where: Locations in the Fort BGC, Makati, and Quezon City



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Drawing inspiration from yoga, Pilates, dance, and Physique 57, Plana Forma tones and strengthens the abs, arms, and thighs to create a lean physique that's both strong and efficient. It'll work muscles you never even knew existed and, while it might be painful at first, the burn makes it worth it.


Flying Trapeze
Where: Bonifacio Global City



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For anyone who's ever wondered what it would be like to join the circus, now's your chance. Flying Trapeze is the first, and only, trapeze arts school in the country. It helps build core muscles and strengthens your arms in a challenging (and fun) setting.


Movement Dance Studio
Where: Salcedo Village, Makati City
Contact: (02) 788 6527



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If you're the type that hates gyms and treadmills, then try dancing away the pounds at Movement Dance Studio. They offer an extensive variety of dance classes including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, pole-dancing, Zumba, belly dance, and dance aero, for kids, teens, and adults.