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Make Father's Day Extra Special


Tatay, ‘tay, ama, dad, papa… For every kind of father there are simple and meaningful ways to celebrate Father’s Day that will definitely make him feel appreciated. Here are great ideas to show just how much he means to you and your family:


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1. The way to a man's heart...

For us moms, we know first hand that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and that a happy tummy makes for a happy husband. So on Father’s Day, make your hubby his favorite meal, but do go the extra mile. Have the kids help prepare the dish and go all out with decorations and themes. Breakfast in bed, a nice picnic set-up in the garden or at the village park, or a movie dinner arranged at home – dad will surely appreciate the gesture.

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2 Say your thank-yous DIY style.

Why settle for the usual store bought gift when you can customize it.? Besides, Father’s Day is about honoring and paying gratitude to our beloved dads, so make sure your gift shows all that. Gather photos from your time together up until you built your family and create a touching video montage with messages from loved ones. You can even have an arts and crafts day with the kids and express your thank-yous through a giant card, an art piece, or a lovely handmade storybook. The labor and the messages will tug on dad’s heartstrings no matter how “manly” he seems to be.

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3. Have a staycation.

Spending some quality R&R doesn’t just mean flying or driving to a far flung destination. Having a staycation at a nearby hotel is just as good without the hassle. Celebrate Father’s Day with the entire family and have loads of fun pool time before heading to the restaurant (or have room service!) for hearty eats. The new environment is just what your hubby needs for a wonderful weekend family bonding time.

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4. Just the two of us

Whether you’re a young family with a new baby or a growing one with little tots running around the house, let’s face it: having some quality time with each other can be a challenge at times. The weekly movie dates have to be carefully planned now, and cuddles are sometimes sneaked in between changing diapers and teaching homework. So this Father’s Day, as soon as celebrations with the family are over, end the day with a romantic dinner at that restaurant you both been eyeing to try. It’s a way to show how you value your man and how you appreciate his contributions to the family.


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Finding heART in Special Education


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Art for YOU

What is your concept of art? We are all at least a little familiar with beautiful paintings displayed inside homes, or in famous museums. We are aware of the sculptures gracing galleries. What is wonderful about art is that there are no restrictions when it comes to who can make it. Enter, Arterapi. It is defined as, “using art as a form of intervention for children with special needs.” 


What is refreshing about Arterapi is that it does not have to be an expensive sort of intervention. With a little creativity, recycled materials such a plastic bottles, newspaper, cardboards, papers, and old boxes can have a second life as part of your child’s self-expression. Rather than focusing on an outcome, it isn’t product oriented. Arterapi places importance in what the child goes through as he or she creates art. How he or she chose materials, what the child was feeling as he or she went through the process of using various mediums. For tactile youngsters, the feeling of different textures would be an experience that they can learn from.


Concepts such as colors and shapes could be introduced to them as well. They can use their imagination, or simply experiment with different art materials.

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When is the right time to do Arterapi?

Arterapi may also be a useful part of a child’s routine, something that can be done anytime of the day. You may incorporate this into your child’s schedule of daily activities: as soon as they wake, after they eat, before they sleep. To boost your child’s confidence, you can display their works at different parts of your home. When they see it, it could incite a positive reaction, and could encourage them to continue to do this.


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The people in Arterapi

Those who advocate Arterapi are a number of counselors, Special Education teachers, psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals. However, parents too can be supporters of this. Observe first how the child would react to art materials, and then demonstrate how they are used. Some children might be comfortable using their hands as they dip them in paint, others may be more at ease using paintbrushes so as not to get in contact with the paint.


Other people such as children in conflict with the law, adults in rehabilitation centers, or senior citizens who are already in retirement or are simple empty nesters, can make use of this as a therapeutic method as well. It can serve as an outlet to release strong feelings, and gives a sense of accomplishment from the work created.


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Arterapi is wonderful!

What is my concept of art? It’s seeing the world in a whole new light, and a form of self-expression. Through Arterapi, children with special needs can communicate with others when they do feel the need to express themselves through their work. Arterapi need not satisfy a standard or a criteria; instead it only needs to satisfy the child. My hope is for Arterapi to be better recognized as an intervention, so more children with special needs can be helped through it.

Mother?s Day Celebration Tips

Remember when celebrating Mother’s Day meant making her scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, then handing her a sloppy card you made in Home Economics class? It didn’t take a lot to impress your mom back when you were a kid, but now that you’re grown, show her how much you value her by taking the time to plan out a Mother’s Day she won’t forget. Here are our top seven Mother’s Day celebration tips.



1. Give her a break. Mothers - especially new ones - hardly get a break. As the saying goes, “A mother’s work is never done.” Make Mother’s Day an exception to that rule. Get the whole family working together to make her as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Handle the dirty dishes and laundry, get the cooking done, and let her enjoy some peace and quiet for the day.


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2. Focus on quality. Spending time with your mom on Mother’s Day isn’t enough, especially if you spend half of the time staring at your phone distracted. Make the time count by catching up with her and talking about things that matter. Get her advice on things that have been bothering you and catch her up on your personal life.


3. Personalize it. Make sure the gift you get her is something she’ll truly appreciate. Don’t phone it in and get her something generic. Think of your mom’s personality: her likes and dislikes, her favorite author or film. If you know she likes reading but aren’t sure which book to buy, get her a gift certificate at her favorite bookstore, or store credit at Amazon so she can download it onto her Kindle. Take the extra time to really think of what would make her happy.

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4. Skype date. Can’t be there physically? Schedule an extra special Skype date with your mom. Dress nicely and have dinner with her via Skype. You could even coordinate menus by making her favorite dish and eating it together.


5. Clear your schedule. If you haven’t been spending a lot of time with your mom lately, clear your schedule for an entire day and spend it with her. Whether you go to the spa or just stay in and watch movies together while snacking on popcorn, it’ll be time well spent.


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6. When all else fails, eat! For the mother who’s got everything, take her out for a nice dinner, or better yet, cook one yourself. To make it extra fun, get the whole family involved in the cooking - from the kids to the adults. 


7. Get sappy on social media. Pay tribute to your mom by crafting a special message for her on Facebook on Instagram. Go the extra mile and create a collage of your best photos together and let her know just how grateful you are to have her in your life.