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The Working Stay-at-Home Mom


“Home-based with a little extra time and a desire to contribute to the family nest egg, or just out for some independent spending money? Apply now!”

Can this be true? Can moms stay at home yet still earn?

The answer is yes!

There has never been a better time than today to earn from non-traditional business models and flexible work schemes. The advent of BPO (business process outsourcing) business models, stable Internet connectivity, and a populace growing ever more comfortable with the concept of remote offices have made not only housewives but students, artists, and even sideline-seeking employees benefit from various work-from-home arrangements.

It’s clear: whatever reason you may have for wanting to work, nine-to-five employment is no longer the only answer.

As a mother and a homemaker, earning from a work-from-home assignment or side business can do wonders. Some moms who miss the rat race get to flex their business sides again, while others find that the management skills they’ve developed in the home apply well for business, too. Independent income boosts self-esteem or adds much-needed cash to the family reserves. You can build an emergency fund for unforeseen expenses or add to your labor and delivery nest egg, save up and invest in financial instruments such a mutual funds, buy insurance for the family, or even just have a little extra clothing allowance.

Try these out:

  • Direct selling. Got the gift of gab and a network of amigas, from neighbors to fellow kindergarten moms? Try direct selling. From make up to personal care products to lingerie and food containers, most direct selling products are easy to move, involve minimum capital, and require a small monthly quota.
  • Multi-level marketing (MLM). Some direct selling businesses offshoot from MLM, where recruiting ‘downlines’ from whose earnings you earn a percentage to add to your profits. Be careful though and choose a reputable business. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is; and if the product doesn’t work or isn’t worth the price it’s sold, stay away.


  • Web-based services. A quick Google search for internet-based services reveals a bevy of choices: tutoring foreign students in English, writing content for web pages, virtually assisting start-up businesses, scheduling appointments for offshore clients, editing other people’s essays – if you got a skill, someone will be willing to pay you for it. Again, it is worthwhile to be careful: never pay for a placement, never give personal bank details and passwords, and check your client’s reputation.
  • Open an online shop. These days all the storefront you need may be a Facebook page or a Sulit ad. In fact, many successful businesses began as online enterprises. You can start with your handcrafted projects on Etsy, or be the middleman for the hard-to-find imported goods your cousin hand-carries from Europe. Be sure to get a good shipper and explore all the social media options available to you.

Good luck and happy earning!




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