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6 Ways to Increase Your Child's Appetite



Whether you’re about to introduce solids to your baby, or a mom who’s struggling to feed a picky toddler, increasing your child’s healthy cravings is a challenge we all know too well. Thankfully there are many ways you can help boost your child’s appetite as early as they first eat solids and as they grow up! Having a reliable meal partner like Tiki-Tiki vitamins is one sure way that helps. HeyMom also lists down a few tips you can try to effectively jumpstart your child’s healthy appetite:



1. Provide lots of healthy options.

When introducing solids to your baby, the idea is to start with bland foods versus sweet foods. This is so that baby will not develop an early preference for sweetness, which makes it hard to introduce non-sweet foods in her early years. Having a variety to choose from also establishes the kinds of dishes your baby will eventually prefer.


That being said, some toddlers used to bland foods and who once would relish everything you offer may suddenly turn picky. The sudden change isn’t because he no longer prefers the food you offer, but is more about his need to assert himself. After all, this is the stage when children learn to say “no” and would challenge you in the most mundane things, even down to the clothes they want to wear. To work with this situation, providing lots of healthy options is the way to go to give some control back to him.


Avoid forcing your kid to try a certain dish (they’ll resist all the more) or easily yielding to unhealthy alternatives. Be ready with nourishing varieties that he can decide to choose from. The key is to let him take charge without compromising his diet.


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2. Let them play with and explore their food.

For babies, playing with food functions as sensory play that teaches them to about different textures. It’s a great way to eventually establish eating independence, too. Let your baby have fun with their food (with clean hands!) and practice using the spoon on his own. By the time he’s a toddler, when kids usually refuse to be spoon fed, he’ll be able to happily feed himself.


Letting your child prepare his own meal will also encourage him to try his own creations. Playing pretend cooking is also a great way to entice your kid to eat more.



3. Create appealing healthy dishes.

Make eating fun and creative by tweaking recipes and coming up with refreshing dishes. Babies who experience taste fatigue may enjoy mixing flavors or changing textures and temperatures. Freeze fruits to make popsicles or blend them to create healthy shakes.


For toddlers and young kids, Go for colorful and fun presentations, like bento!. Substitute ingredients and procedures in recipes for healthy ones, and hide vegetables and fruits in his favorite meals.


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4. Work with your child's appetite.

After the first year, you’ll notice your child will eat a lot on some days compared to others. We tend to push our kids to eat more without realizing they’re sated. A tip is to be able to gauge your child’s hunger and knowing when to stop when he’s full. Be ready with healthy snacks even when on-the-go. When you know your child’s hungry, feed him with nourishing meals before his treats. The idea is that he’ll be hungry enough to eat most foods in the start, so fill your child up with the good stuff when you can.



5. Eat on time and together.

Children need to eat five times a day, about every three to four hours. This is a good schedule to work with in order to teach your child about the importance of eating on time. Even if there will be days that he doesn’t feel like eating, it’s still good to set a schedule.


More importantly, children tend to be less fussy when eating with others. They mimic adults’ behaviors, so enjoying nourishing meals as a family teaches them the value of eating right. Make meal times fun, too! Talk about superheroes who eat their vegetables or give special names to dishes (like Popeye Spinach and X-ray Vision Carrots)!



6. Give them quality vitamins.

Start everyday with a quality supplement that not only protects your child, but also helps stimulate their appetite. Moms can jump start their baby’s appetite as early as when they start eating solids with Tiki-Tiki Plus Drops! It contains Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E that help boost their appetite. You can continue to work with your meal time partner with Tiki-Tiki Star Syrup for kids 1 year old and above as it also has Lysine and B Complex that encourage your little ones to eat well!


As a mom, there are many ways we can make sure our kids have a healthy appetite: we can always find ways to make eating fun for our kids and work with a reliable supplement like Tiki-Tiki that will serve as our meal-time partner as early as when our child starts to eat. Ensuring they have a healthy appetite all throughout is one step in making sure that they’ll grow up to be healthy and strong!