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2016 Resolutions for Kids



As the fireworks hit the sky on New Year's Eve, we’re reminded to look back, be thankful, and create new milestones for the coming year. This is the perfect time to plan healthy and positive resolutions with your kids. It’s a great way to teach your 7 to 12 year-old children the advantage of always aspiring to be better. Just remember to keep them simple, easy to do, and fun! Not sure where to begin? Hey Mom lists several suggestions that will help you and your kiddos get started.


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In today's techie day and age, we often spend too much time with electronics that we forget to appreciate things around us.  Children nowadays have their own personal TVs, game consoles, cellphones, tablets, and laptops that they’re no longer familiar with the local games we used to play as kids. Set a goal of at least spending one day of the month (or a week!) without gadgets. Enjoy the outdoors and teach them your childhood games such as piko, patintero, and tumbang preso. You can even make use of this day as your “camping day of the month” where you and the little ones fire up the grill, play board games, and star gaze.


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Kids hate chores, but letting them do it teaches them responsibility (plus it also means less work for you-know-who).  Adding a twist and a little friendly competition can spice things up. They may actually be up for the challenge! Put a scoreboard that every family member can see. For every chore that they make, they would earn points depending on the difficulty. At the end of the day, the winner would get a simple treat. You can also hold weekly semifinals and add bonus rounds so they can double their points if they finish the tasks on time.


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Eating healthy is a family commitment because kids will always follow your example. Try replacing several junk foods for healthy options instead. Examples are replacing potato chips for baked apple or banana chips; going for whole grain, nutty, and fruity cookies than the usual choco-chip variant; combine plain yogurt with sweet fruits for an ice cream replacement; or mix soda water and fresh fruit juice rather than serving carbonated soft drinks. You can also make it a habit to creatively mix vegetables in their meals, like adding carrots to the spaghetti sauce or pureeing cauliflower with their mashed potato and gravy. You can even go the next level and let you kid help you prepare bento meals! You can check this previous article for the step-by-step:


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The good ol’ resolution to exercise more can easily be overlooked for most of us, but when the entire family is involved it becomes so much more attainable. Make fitness fun and easy by doing family activities that get you moving. Have time to go bike riding or walking the dog around the village. Learn a new sport every month and play as a family. This might spark their love for sports and will certainly create a different kind of bonding for the family.


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Healthy and positive New Year resolutions should involve feeding our little ones’ knowledge, too. Although the TV and computer are just a click away for new information, inspire your children to learn the old school way and give them books to read. To get them started, bring them to libraries and bookstores where reading is encouraged. Let them enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and share with them the books that sparked your imagination. Make them join a book club or encourage them to start one with their friends. They’ll be hooked on books and enjoy learning from them in no time.


So what are you waiting for? The New Year awaits! Grab a pen and paper and jot down your healthy and positive family resolutions with your kids. It may take a certain level of commitment to follow the plans but if they’re created with love and in a fun way, you’ll see that your kids will soon reap the benefits. Happy 2016 mommies!