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The Real Meaning of Christmas



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Santa’s coming to town! Christmas trees, lights, festive decorations, and joyful holiday carols fill the cool breezy air. To a kid, this season may seem like a vacation, a period for family reunions and a time of the year to receive gifts and goodies. But this year, why not try to impart the true meaning of Christmas? Little good deeds can go a long way in changing the lives of others, even your child’s.


In this article, Hey Mom will help you impart the real meaning of Christmas in your homes: the season of giving, sharing, and showing love. It’s all about having fun and being creative too! Here’s how to get started:


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‘Tis the season to be creative! Let your kids make DIY gifts for other children in need. It’ll be an activity that’s both fun and enriching.


There are tons of ideas to start with. Your child can paint a pretty picture and you can frame it with cardboard designed with glitter glue. Making sock puppets are easy too! If you want a bit of a challenge, find DIY doll patterns online. Lastly, make them make and write their personalized Christmas cards as a final touch to the gifts.


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Let your family be involved in your communities’ outreach programs, or pick a foundation to help. Teach your child to save money and at the end of the year, they can donate some of their savings to charity and tell them the special thing they did helped a grateful stranger.


You can also clean out the closets and ask them to give away used toys, clothes, and things and donate them to those who are in need.


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Plan a day to visit the foundation of your choice. Let your kids help you prepare packed meals that you could bring and serve to residents of the foundation.


Make the visit entertaining and exciting and organize activities for the kids such as games, storytelling, and coloring drawing contests.


A foundation that you can visit is Elsie Gatches Village in Alabang. They provide a home and a family to mentally challenged children and adults. Schedule an event or host a party to meet the residents and bring smiles to their faces.


Contact Elsie Gaches Village, Alabang Muntinlupa


Phone: 807-6023, 809-4466 or 809-4133


Image from jilblacktown from (CC BY 2.0)



Besides throwing parties and organizing events at the center, field trips are very much appreciated by children too. This will give them the opportunity to discover new places and see different things. Your family can sponsor educational tours like a trip to the zoo and museums, or outings like picnics or swimming.


You may contact the Virlanie Foundation, a home to children in need of special protection, as they allow you to work hand in hand with them to organize these events.


Virlanie Foundation, Makati City

Email: outreach@virlanie.or­g

Phone: +632 895 3460, +63 2 895 5260 and +63 2 896 2289



By highlighting kindness, love, and selflessness as the reasons for the season, you will fill your home with the real spirit of Christmas. Your child will enjoy meeting and playing with new friends, creating gifts from his/her own imagination, and ultimately learning the value of sharing material things and receiving immeasurable joy in return. Merry Christmas, mommies!