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Practical Intelligence and Why Your Child Needs It



Everyday, our kids are exposed to situations they need to solve with their practical intelligence. Also known as “street smarts,” practical intelligence helps our children analyze and determine the best solution to any given situation. These days, we need to see our kids step up more. It might be for a school task, something they face outdoors, or a circumstance at home. Wherever it may be needed, Hey Mom discusses the importance of developing your child’s practical intelligence so that he can be a quick thinker you can count on to step up when needed.


What is Practical Intelligence?

There are different types of intelligences: emotional, analytical, social, spiritual, and practical. The “common sense” intelligence is practical intelligence. A person develops this from learning from his past experiences and applying this knowledge to enhance what they know. When you use judgment quickly between yourself and your surroundings based on what you’ve learned, you are using your practical intelligence.


Tips To Develop Practical Intelligence:


Always begin with the right vitamins

Boost your child’s practical intelligence by giving them the right tools to get started. Give them vitamins that support your child’s complete intelligence – Nutroplex: The superior pedia multivitamin for quick thinkers that helps sharpen their minds for the development of their practical intelligence.


Nutroplex contains NutroTalino complex: a combination of Iron, Vitamin B complex, and Vitamin A. These are vital for transporting oxygen from the blood to the brain, faster processing of information, and clearer eyesight.


Your child will holistically develop his intelligence - not only his ability to think quick but also his ability to respond to situations he faces in life. You can count on your child to step up with Nutroplex.


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Be the example

Be the best role model for practical intelligence to your kids! Through you, they can learn to be dependable individuals not only at home but for the society as well. Teach your children how to help the family, other people, and the environment – doing household chores, being accommodating when needed by others, and recycling. These little things go a long way! Teach them how math can be applied to everyday life situations, most especially when you go grocery shopping and commute from one place to another. Teach them the value of money and how to save up during rainy days. Give them daily reminders on being aware and alert during times of storms or typhoons, earthquakes, and fire. Remind them that safety and security is important most especially when you are not with them. You can even learn first aid treatments together and make the learning experience a bond that you will never forget! Allow them to be independent so when the time comes that they need to face a situation, they will be ready.


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Let them discover things by themselves with your guidance

We can’t help but be overprotective sometimes, but for our kids to exercise their practical intelligence, we have to give them freedom to choose what to do. From here they’ll discover their capacities and learn from their experiences, may it be positive or negative.


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Help them learn from their mistakes

When you allow your child to discover things on their own,they will come across different outcomes, either good or bad. Don’t shield them from mistakes and let them learn from it. Explain to them the outcome of their actions calmly to help them remember. It’s a great way to develop practical intelligence, and they’ll master the methods to a solution from the experiences they’ve had.


A child that loses his allowance will now know to keep his money on a safe place, or a wound from rowdy play will make him remember to be extra careful next time.


With your help, your child can grow up not only as a street smart quick thinker but also, as an individual that his family and society can depend on. Remember to make Nutroplex your partner in this journey, so you’re your child will be a Batang Nutroplex: Buo ang Talino sa Isip, Salita at Gawa.