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Creating Healthy Winners With Complete Nutrition



Parents want the finest for their children. Apart from their unconditional love, parents try their very best to provide children with all their needs, including proper nutrition. After all, we want our children to be healthy winners.


From the food our tots eat to their daily activities and sleeping habits, nutrition plays a key role in their proper development. Here's everything you need to know about complete nutrition to help your child become the healthy winner he/she can be.


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What Do I Need To Know About Nutrition?

Nutrition is the process of giving or receiving food the body needs to grow and be healthy. Good nutrition is the combination of healthful nutrients. To further define nutrients, these are essential substances from food that are needed for growth and maintenance of the body. There are several types of nutrients that each individual needs for the proper function of their body and to be healthy. Too less or too much is not good, so it’s better to portion the foods for a balanced diet. Here are some of the most important nutrients:



Kids need high energy food to keep him/her up and running without the crash. Each part of our body needs energy to function. So stack on those good carbohydrates that can easily be found in potatoes, yams, beans, nuts, corns, brown rice, cereals, milk, oats, and whole wheat. Added bonus: Good carb is also known to have high fiber that can assist in bowel health.


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For your child to grow strong and tall, let the proteins do their job to construct, repair, and maintain body tissues. Your child’s developing muscles, hair, skin, and eyes need protein. This nutrient is also responsible for your child’s ability to withstand infection, as they build antibodies that counter such maladies.

Serve high protein foods to your child such as fish and seafood, nuts, eggs, lean meat, beans, poultry, tofu, and spinach.



Not all fats are bad. Good fat is also known as monosaturated fat. So for your child to have a well-balanced diet, he needs to have some of those good fats too. Fats improve metabolism, balance hormones, and aid in the development of cells especially the brain (as it is amazingly composed of mainly cholesterol and fat!). Make sure to get those healthy Omega-3 fats for brain function and development. Unbelievably, good fats are also known to help lose weight for children who are obese.

Get these fats by using olive oil with your child’s favorite meal, make healthy avocado ice-cream, and offer macadamia nuts and cheeses for snacks.



Micronutrients are mostly found in vegetables and fruits and have different functions to complete your child's nutrition. Some of the examples of micronutrients your child needs are: Vitamins A, B, C, D, E (from leafy greens, dark colored fruits, citrus fruits, dairy products, nuts, tofu, and healthy sun exposure); Iron (from meat, beans, and dark leafy vegetables); Magnesium (from dark leafy greens, nuts, fish, and beans); Calcium (from dairy products and leafy greens) and Zinc (from pumpkin seeds, garlic, and chickpeas).


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How Do I Give my Child Complete Nutrition?

Ideally, your child should eat a healthy and balanced diet (three meals and two to three snacks), sleep and nap for an average of 10 hours a day, and enjoy lots of physical and mental play.


Being the responsible and loving parent that you are, you would want to ensure your child gets optimum nutrition. Here, the roles of food supplements – such as Nutrilin - come in to complete your child’s daily nutrient needs. Nutrilin has all the essential nutrients to cover your child’s health requirements and help him be the best he can be.



Give the right foods, top up with a supplement like Nutrilin, create a secure environment that encourages sleep when needed, and offer lots of enriching activities. All these will help you create your healthy winners.