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DIY Christmas Decorations



It’s that time of the year again, when the temperature drops to a comfortable chill at night, old friends and family fly in from different countries, shopping malls get more crowded, and everyone seems like they’ve got that extra spring in their step. Yup, it’s Christmas time again, and with it comes all the little traditions that make it the most wonderful time of the year.


If you’re starting to plan your home decorations for the holidays, instead of going to a department store and buying pre-made decor, this year, why not make them yourself? With a little ingenuity, a few household items, and some help from your kids, making Christmas decor can become a new fun little tradition you can share with your family this holiday season.


Here are five ideas for do-it-yourself Christmas decorations:


Glittered Christmas Light Bulbs 



Got some old Christmas bulbs lying around the house that you want to recycle? Turn them into glittery Christmas tree ornaments in a few easy steps. Get some Elmer’s glue, or any kind of craft glue; apply a thin layer to each bulb; then sprinkle each bulb with glitter until they’re fully covered. Use a glue gun to glue a ribbon onto the center of each bulb so you can hang your new glitter bulb ornaments onto the Christmas tree. You can also glue a magnet to one side of the ornament and stick it onto your refrigerator to bring some holiday cheer to your kitchen.



Coffee Filter Snowflakes


Here’s a fun and easy way to turn coffee filters into delicate snowflakes to stick or hang around the house. All you’ll need are some coffee filters, a hole puncher, regular scissors, and decorative edge scissors, which you can find in most arts and crafts stores.



Take a coffee filter and start folding it in half until it’s about one-eighth its original size, then start cutting. Cut a bit from the middle, punch a few holes in some places, and while it might not look like much at first, once you’ve unfolded it, you’ll see the interesting patterns you’ve unknowingly created take shape.


Plastic Bottle Ornaments


Here’s a great way of recycling old plastic bottles. Take any plastic bottle, cut out the bottom of the bottle with some scissors, and, using glitter gel pens in different colors, decorate along the ridges of the ornament. After you’re done decorating, using a hole puncher to punch a hole where you want your thread or ribbon to go through - and your new ornament is ready to be hung.


Snow Candles in Mason Jars



Mason jars are incredibly versatile, from canning pickles and fruit jams to housing your green smoothies, and now, they can even be used as Christmas decor. All you need is salt, a few candles, and your trusty Mason jars.


Pour some salt into each jar about 1/4th of the way in. You’ll want it to look like snow so you’ll need a considerable amount in each jar. For best results, use Epsom salts for that full snow-like effect. Place the candle on top of the salt; make sure the candle isn’t too thin or long or it may topple over. To make your snow candles really pop, top off each jar with some glitter.


Mosaic Ornaments



Make use of old, scratched-up CDs by repurposing them as tree ornaments. Cut up any old CD, take the pieces you’ve cut and glue them onto a ball ornament. Make sure to space each piece evenly so you get the full mosaic effect.



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