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What's in a Name?


One of the first things you think of when you discover you're going to be a parent is what you'll name your child. There are so many factors to take into consideration. Will you go traditional? Will you name your child after a relative? Or will you try to be unconventional and go with something totally unexpected? Naming your child can be fun, but if you overthink it, you might end up with a name you never wanted in the first place. To help you create the perfect name for your child, we've come up with a few tips for ensuring you don't end up regretting your little one's moniker.


Names are a tricky business. Remember that your child will be stuck with his/her name for a lifetime, and if you choose wrong, it can affect them for life. When coming up with a name, make sure it fits with his/her surname. Alliteration is your friend. The smoother a name rolls off the tongue, the better.

  1. Names that are often corrected

Remember, your child's name is one of the first things that will make up his/her identity. A name that's difficult to pronounce will have bearing in the schoolyard. If it's an unusual name, he/she can be potential targets for bullies, not to mention a lifetime of correcting people when they mispronounce his/her name.

  1. Name pairings

Keep in mind that you might not just have one child. Try to think of a name within the context of the whole family. If that name jives with the rest, all the better.

  1. Over-popularity

Got a name in mind? Thanks to the Internet, you can now check out its popularity. Sometimes, classic isn't always better, especially when there are hundreds (or even thousands) of other people with the same name.

  1. Namesakes

Do the research. If you've got a name in mind, learn more about it. What does it mean? Are there any undesirable people who have the same name? Does the name have any unfavorable historical connotation? As much as possible, refrain from naming your child after someone famous, especially if he/she is still alive. You never know what scandals that person may still undergo.


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