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Pregnant at 40


They say life starts at 40, but did you ever think that you would be pregnant at 40? These are some of the things you may expect during your pregnancy.


By the time you are 40, you may already have a good career, you might be more financially stable and you may be a lot more knowledgeable, mature, and have a far better understanding of life. All of which can help you cope with a great deal of pregnancy issues and concerns.



The risk of chromosomal abnormality to your baby, such as Down Syndrome, is higher with advanced maternal age. Late-age pregnancies can also cause miscarriage, low birth weight, physical abnormalities, and stillbirth. 

You may also be at risk of getting high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy. High blood pressure can escalate to Preeclampsia and then Eclampsia, a serious medical condition that can cause seizures and can even be fatal. 

Diabetes can make your baby larger than usual and might require you to undergo a cesarean section. It also increases the risk of birth defects and miscarriage. There is also a possibility that you and your baby will develop Type 2 diabetes after birth.

What to Do

Get Prenatal Care 

Going to the doctor early and regularly for prenatal checkups is your best way to increase your prospects of having a healthy pregnancy and a well baby. Prenatal care includes pregnancy education, planning for childbirth, regular exams, screening tests, early detection, and prevention of potential problems.

Don’t forget your other doctors too. It is best to keep your underlying conditions treated and managed to prevent any harm that these may bring to you and your unborn child.

Take Prenatal Vitamins

Taking your prenatal vitamins help prevent birth defects and help in the growth and development of your child’s brain and spinal cord.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Not everything is found in your prenatal vitamins. Eat a variety of foods to get all the nutrients your body and developing baby need. Snack on whole grains, fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs, lean meat, nuts, beans, and low fat milk.


Consult your doctor before doing any exercise regime especially if you have any underlying condition. But nevertheless, you will gain a lot of advantages from doing physical activities. It can reduce pregnancy discomforts, give you more energy, and minimize stress levels.

Avoid Dangerous Matter

Nothing can bring you and your baby more injury than smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking illegal drugs. It can cause bleeding, birth defects, low birth weight, and still or premature birth. 

Get Optional Tests

Ask your doctor about amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling. These are tests that sample the chromosomes and genes of your unborn child to know if an abnormality is present.


Be Happy

No matter what age you are, having a baby is a wondrous event to look forward to. Savor and cherish every moment. Stay positive and enjoy the journey ahead with your new baby.


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