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Delivery Day Must-Haves


Packing an overnight bag for your delivery day should be a priority. It helps to be prepared especially since when the time comes to go to the hospital, the last thing you'll want to worry about is if you packed enough clothes. Your delivery must-haves will also help you maximize your comfort, ensuring a stress-free delivery.


  1. Overnight bag - Remember to pack an overnight bag for your stay at the hospital. Pack clothes for yourself and your baby, toiletries, comfortable slippers, sleepwear, and a robe.
  2. Cash, change, and important documents - This goes without saying, but you'll be amazed at what people forget when they've got a baby on the way.
  3. Pillows - Max out your comfort levels and bring your own pillows. It'll help you feel more at ease at the hospital if you can replicate at least some semblance of your home life.


  1. Nursing supplies - Pack some nursing bras and pads. They'll come in handy when you need to feed your baby while you're at the hospital.
  2. Cellphone and charger - You'll need your phone and your contacts list if you're going to have visitors over to welcome your baby into the world.



  1. Camera - Immortalize the moments when your new bundle of joy arrives and take photos for friends and relatives who couldn't be there.
  2. Scrapbook - Every second's a milestone when you have a baby. Record all her firsts with a scrapbook.
  3. Magazines or an iPad - For the early stages of labor, when you're still trying to distract yourself from stressing out over how long it's been since your last contraction, it'll help to have some reading material to take your mind off things.
  4. Snacks - Hospitals aren't exactly known for their amazing food. If you're going to be at the hospital a while, it helps to have snacks from home to help you stave off hunger.

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Nikki Paula
With my 3 pregnancies, I always made sure that my "Baby & Mama" Bag is already prepare
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