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Reduce Pregnancy Stress




It is true that pregnancy is a magical time, but for some of us we can get overwhelmed and feel stressed. Your body and mind go on a crazy adventure when you have a little person growing inside of you. From the additional hormones, body changes, mental fears about motherhood, and the regular daily grind of life, it is no wonder that some women’s stress levels sky rocket. It is important to manage these stress levels because it isn’t good for you or your developing baby.


Reducing your stress during your pregnancy should be one of your top priorities. The trick here is to identify your causes of stress and see what you can do to reduce/manage it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If your job is stressing you out, talk to your boss to see what can be done about it. If some aspects of your pregnancy (like morning sickness) are making it more challenging to do your job, reach out for help. There’s a always a solution. The worst thing you can do is to suffer in silence. That’s when your stress levels really take off.


If things at home are stressing you out, pull your partner aside to discuss it. The key to successful stress reduction is enlisting help from those that care about you. When you are pregnant, people want to help you. They love doing things for you. It is the one time in your life when people will be most helpful. Take advantage of it.


With my first pregnancy, I wasn’t stressed at all. I had taken time off work to really concentrate on being pregnant and I was completely zen the whole time. I did have terrible morning sickness but because my whole focus was my growing baby inside of me, my stress due to this were not that bad. My second pregnancy was a completely different story. I worked for 8 out of the 10 months of my pregnancy and my stress levels were off the charts at certain times. I would talk to my husband David about it, which helped, but made the mistake of not talking to my partners about how much pressure I was under. Needless to say I was quite unhappy for certain portions of my pregnancy. Looking back I know that my colleagues would have been understanding of my predicament and would have tried to come up with scenarios to help me out. I just didn’t want to bother them with what I was feeling. In retrospect I definitely would have confided in them and tried to come up with solutions that would work for everyone.


So, learn from my experience and talk to your work colleagues if you are feeling stressed out. As I mentioned earlier, most people are so willing to help pregnant women reduce their stress.


Photo from Amanda Griffin Jacob's Instagram account